Culture and art of Cambodia

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Modern Cambodian culture
The modern Cambodian culture, in spite of the borne losses, develops enough up-tempo, combining a conversion to the traditional Khmer genres with modern forms.
In the country different literatures are published, such as traditional domestic novels, built on buddhistic ethics (Pet' Tumkrovyl and his novel «Mack Tkhyng» is modern treatment of medieval subject for the traditional Khmer theater of bi-ke), and in a large volume detective literature and especially favourite Khmer comics.

It a simply surprisingly picturesque corner of the world which the present judge of beauty is simply obliged to visit. But it is necessary not to forget that the Cambodian visa is necessary for visiting of the country.
Sources of Musical Culture of Cambodia
Sources of musical culture of Khmer, formings of their classic musical system, tool ascend to deep antiquity (orchestra, and also separate instruments are represented on the bas-reliefs of ancient temples of Angkora). Attaining a bloom in the period of Angkorskaya, the Khmer classic musical system was saved almost in an unchanging kind.
Music of Khmer is based on pentatonic. Its structure is determined by a rhythm, therefore a main place in an orchestra belongs to the shock instruments - drums (sampkho, chkhayyam), double kettle-drums (sko-tkhom), scanning the rhythm of dances, songs, and the dulcimers, gongs, "singing" accompaniment.
Melody is conducted by an oboe (pey o, pey-pok, pra pey) or reed flute (kkhloy).
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Most Ancient Monuments of Art
Most ancient monuments of art are the ornamented ceramics of neolith, bronze wares of middle 1st thousand B.C. In 6 c. in Angkor-Boreas and in 7 c. in Sambor-Prey-Kuk temples (prasats) were built.
It was rectangular in a plan brick towers, dismembered by pilasters and crowned a pyramid from false floors. Softly and the generalized designed statues of 6 c. arose up under Indian influence. Slender, elegant, complete of live and at the same time stately statues of 7-8 cc. are more original.In 9 c. there was a type of ensemble from prasats and subsidiary buildings, surrounded fence (with the pavilions-gate of "gopura"), and later also by galleries and ductings (Prakh-ko in Roluose, 9 с.; Banteay-Srey, 10 с.).
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After 50 years restoration of the legendary Angkor in Cambodia is over
It took half a century for the archaeologists in Cambodia to repair the ancient temple complex of Angkor, which is a large three-dimensional puzzle in the world. Thorough repairs and diligent work in Hindu temple Baphuon, located on campus, were periodically interrupted because of tropical rains and the Civil War, thus the reconstruction has lasted for several decades.
"When I first saw how devastated the monument was, I never thought we would be able to put it back together," said Cambodian restorer Ieng Te, who joined the project as a young student in 1960...
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